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Calling All Maine Filmmakers & Videographers

Maine Challenge Productions Invites Your Participation -- Help Us Create the CURE,  Making Maine Better


Connect those working for positive change

Unify our collective responses to the challenges we face

Recognize those making a difference

Energize the audience to get involved


Maine Challenge is a media platform that examines social, economic, and environmental issues affecting Mainers’ lives. We have a specific focus on people and solutions with a positive impact, and mechanisms for the audience to get involved.


Launched in May 2020, Maine Challenge has experimented with various forms of outreach via community TV, radio, and social media (FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter). After a period of exploration, we have gained significant experience. We now want to offer our platform to a broad range of organizations and individuals working for positive change.


Possible formats:

●      Informal POV-- with one person explaining their point-of-view  filmed face-on; can be created using any smartphone. Email us at to discuss an idea or submit a Vlog.

●      “Maine Challenge Presents”--We invite independent Maine videographers to submit short videos or podcasts (5 to 25 minutes) on issues we suggest or on an issue of their choice.

●      Mine our archive for footage--We have many hours of video collected over the past two years. Much of it was generated in 30-minute Zoom interviews which contain gems interspersed with not-so-compelling material. We invite videographers to consider extracting the gems to create new pieces that will grab an audience, or to include our video as B-roll in new videos.

●      Bring us an idea…


All submissions are requested to follow a common four-part format: 

  •   State a value shared by all. For example: "We all want children to be safe in Maine schools."

●      Describe an issue or problem (economic, social/racial, environmental) affecting Maine people. 

●      Introduce a person or organization that has a solution—whether potential or actual.

●      Explain how viewers can participate in this solution.

Submission Guidelines:

Contact to begin the process. In your email, explain: 

1.    The issue you wish to address

2.    The solution and the person, people, or organization you will profile

3.    The length of program you envision


We will respond with specific technical guidelines if we think your idea fits our platform. We may offer suggestions or have further questions.


If you get the go-ahead from us, follow the technical guidelines closely.


Final decision of whether we choose to distribute your video on our platform will be up to a panel of board members and expert volunteers. 


List of Issues of Interest:

Contact us at for a list of issues we are particularly interested in receiving submissions about.

Credits, Attribution, and Rights:

Videos will be "wrapped" in the Maine Challenge brand but credit the creators. We will supply the opening and the format for the credits. Filmmakers will be required to get signed permission from their subjects. Rights to the footage will belong to the filmmaker unless a different arrangement has been agreed upon by Maine Challenge and the filmmaker. Maine Challenge will retain the right to replay the program and use excerpts in promotional material.

Distribution and Promotion:

●      We will promote and distribute the videos on the Maine Challenge YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram page, TikTok stream, and to the email list. Filmmakers are encouraged to link to their networks as well.

●      Cable Access Community TV – Maine Challenge will post “Maine Challenge Presents” on the PEGMedia listing site and send email to TV stations informing them of its availability. We also will offer podcasts and audio versions of film programs to WERU-fm radio station (and others).


Matching Possibilities:

Contact us at if you have videography, editing, or other related skills and would like to be matched to an organization or person(s) with an interesting story but no technical expertise to produce a program. (We welcome student involvement.)


Your work can help us create a vibrant platform with a growing audience

that brings people together and encourages action to CURE Maine’s ills.


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